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Are you looking for Performance Tyres for your vehicle?

Performance tyres are designed to offer superior performance, stability, handling, cornering and vehicle control. Apt for luxury and sports cars, performance tyres boost up the driving experience. It has a low profile sidewall and large tread blocks which augments cornering power.

Moreover, they contribute enhanced traction on wet and dry roads while developing the braking system. If you love driving a bit faster and desire a perfect set of durable tyres than performance tyres are the right choice.

Castle Motor Services stocks up wide variants of high performance and UHP tyres.

Variants of performance tyres

High-performance summer tyres: High-performance summer tyres provide superior grip and high traction on slippery and dry roads (not suitable for snow-covered roads or a sudden fall in temperature), these tyres help with smooth steering. They are ideal for a sedan and sports car.

Ultra high-performance summer tyres: Classy on grip and handling, this tyre boosts up the driving performance. Its wide treads improve handling and responsiveness during a ride on the slippery and humid road.

Extreme Performance Tyres: More focussed on dry grip, these tyres provide comfort and superior traction. These models have big block tread designs and tread compounds for high speed riding comfort and handling. We stock the excellent quality extreme performance car tyres for your needs.

If you want to invest in any of the above variants of performance car tyres, then Castle Motor Services is where you must look.

Best performance tyres available

Are you wondering where to buy performance car tyres? Look no further as we retail the high-quality performance tyres. Some of the best selling tyres are:

Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS

Potenza RE980AS is Bridgestone’s ultra-performance tyre range ideal for sports car and sedan. Its asymmetric and noise-cancelling tread pattern gives utmost comfort in dry and wet surfaces. There are 3D sipes which work to improve traction in rough paths. Moreover, the tread pattern grooves and slots facilitate water evacuation form tyres to avoid aquaplaning.

Michelin Pilot 4-S

This model combines unique features from race-inspired sports tyres. Its improved asymmetric tread pattern gives an exquisite ultra-high performance. Moreover, the dynamic response technology enhances the traction capacity on wet and dry roads. Thereby increasing steering stability and accuracy.

Dunlop Direzza DZ102

This sleek tyre offers enhanced performance in wet conditions due to its unique tread design. Made from super abrasion silica and carbon the traction capacity of Dunlop Direzza DZ102 is beyond comparison. Moreover, its deeper lateral cuts and grooves offer extended performance and reduce irregular wear.

Potenza RE-71R

Potenza RE-71R is an extreme performance summer tyre ideal for sports coupe and sedan which maximises handling and traction. The tyre has tread compound which features a centre rib bordered by a massive shoulder to maintain the contact with the road and avoid hydroplaning.

So, stop asking google for ‘best tyres near me’, instead opt for our Performance tyres to enjoy an outstanding drive.

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