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Are you looking for Batteries for your vehicle?

Looking for genuine batteries for your car?

At Castle Motor Services, we provide reliable car batteries Warwick to ensure a smooth and efficient functioning of your vehicle.

Some of the indicators that your vehicle needs its battery replaced:

  • Swollen or bloated battery
  • Battery check light blinking on the dashboard
  • Pungent sulphuric smells emitted from the battery
  • Increasing ignition issues
  • Visible corrosion on the connectors
  • Dimmed head and tail lights
  • Acid oozing out from the battery

Notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms?

Opt for an immediate car battery replacement Warwick and maintain the safety and efficiency of your vehicle.

Our Battery Replacement Process

At Castle Motor Services, we ensure that you get the best car batteries Warwick without breaking the bank. Our mechanics conduct thorough inspections to ensure that the batteries we provide are the most efficient choice for your vehicle.

Few things we look at before recommending a replacement:

Fitting Codes

The first and foremost thing we check before installing any replacement is whether the battery codes match your car manufacturer’s specifications.

Cold Cranking Amps

The measurement of a battery’s efficiency in starting up a car in cold temperatures refers to its cold cranking amps. Though high CCA means that your vehicle will start efficiently in cold weather, a significant rise in CCA than the recommended value is not always a good thing.

Terminal layout

After installing a battery, we conduct several checks to ensure that the correct terminal is connected.

Battery Power

We recommend a battery replacement after analysing the battery power required by your vehicle. Batteries with higher power than what is needed by the vehicle are simply a waste of money.

C20 Capacity

C20 capacity refers to the power that a battery can store. If you do not travel daily/ frequently, we recommend replacing batteries of higher C20 capacities.

Reserve Capacity

An alternator is the integral part of your car that converts power generated from the engine into electrical energy to be stored inside the battery. Reserve capacity is the amount of time a battery will perform/ distribute electricity in case the alternator fails.

Book Car Batteries Warwick

You can book a car battery replacement from our homepage and schedule an installation date at your convenience.

Our car battery fitting Warwick garage is located at 20B Hawkes Drive, Heathcote Industrial Estate, Warwick, CV34 6LX.

For any kind of booking-related queries, reach out to us at 01926242215 and end all your “car battery replacement near me” searches.

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